¼” thick wall x 24″ D x 60″ L. Square door main chamber with spring counterweights, 84″ long including upright box, 24″W x 84″L wood storage behind main chamber. Three stainless steel thermometers, two angle framed meat racks, removable upper rack for more space, reflector and tuning plates for main chamber. Upright box 24″ W X 24″D X 33″H. Four pull out meat racks framed with angle, fire box 24″x22″x24″ with top lid and grilling rack. Heavy-duty removable wood grate, single adjustable smoke stack with Texas logo and stainless-Steel cool-touch handles, 11″ x 84″ metal front table, 1 ¼” ball valve grease drain. Heavy duty wood rack. Locking system for doors. Trailer is framed with heavy duty square tubing; two trailers rated tires with 15″ rims, 3500 lbs. Single axle. 2″ coupler, safety chains, side handle screw jack, steel plate fenders, complete with all wiring and light kit.

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  • Square lid for main chamber with small smoke stack.
  • 1/4” Thick wall
  • Drain ball valve
  • Four sliding/pull-out racks in upright
  • 3 Stainless-steel thermometers.
  • Aluminum rims.
  • Radial tires.
  • Heavy duty wood rack
  • 12” by 84” table
  • Wood rack behind main chamber
  • 6 ½” Round Smoke Stack
  • Storage behind main chamber

Options for Product

  • 3/8” Firebox $ 350.00
  • 1/2” Firebox $ 450
  • Insulated firebox $ 750.00
  • Fire poker with stainless steel cool-touch handles $ 27.00
  • Stainless steel utensil hanger $ 10.00 each
  • Extra thermometer $ 38.50 each
  • Smoking woods: Mesquite, Oak, Post oak, Red oak, Hickory, Pecan. $ 15.50 per 40-pound bag.
  • Flavor woods: Cherry, Pear, Apple, Mango. $ 35.00 per 20-pounds bags.

***Ask us for more options available***


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